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  • Beertender Beertender 14193 plays Fill the glass with beer for as many as you can.
  • Beer Pong Beer Pong 13685 plays Beer Pong is a drinking game that college students have been playing ever since red plastic cups and cheap beer were invented. Now Liquid Generation is bring
  • Beer Meister Beer Meister 11805 plays The crowd is thirsty and running in the bar. Throw beers to push them out and be aware to not break anything. Use cash to level up your skills.
  • Beer Barf Blast Off Beer Barf Blast Off 10958 plays Barf and move your way to the exit.
  • Aim Inside the Bowl Aim Inside the Bowl 10934 plays Aim the white cross inside the bowl and tinkle without soil the floor.
  • Ding Dong Ding Dong 10816 plays Without the power bells, the magical music ship won't fly!
  • Hold your Drink Hold your Drink 10661 plays Hold your glass still and try not to spill your bear as long as you can!
  • Cross The Street Cross The Street 10566 plays Serve your customers as a street waiter and get there orders across the street.
  • Drunken Master Drunken Master 10273 plays You're a bartender. Choose your character and start pouring drinks if you think you can mix 'em.
  • Bzoonk - The Pub Crawl Bzoonk - The Pub Crawl 9943 plays Run, crawl or slide through as many pubs as you can and grab some beer while you\’re at it. Just don\’t stop or, you\’ll drop!
  • J2O Game J2O Game 9242 plays Here's your chance to prove you're the perfect marksman! Simply aim the white cross inside the bowl, and don't soak your trainers! If you splash too much, you'd better try again!
  • Rush Draught Rush Draught 9053 plays You are bartender in a bar and need to serve all the beers the customers order you and gather the empty jars.
  • Beer Dude Beer Dude 8964 plays Drink all the beer you can without getting caught by your boss.
  • Pass the Pint Pass the Pint 8702 plays Pass the pint from leprechaun to leprechaun. "DRUNK" (red-faced) leprechauns will disappear after ONE PASS. "SOBER"(pale-faced) leprechauns will disappear after TWO PASSES.
  • Beer Trapper Gone Wild Beer Trapper Gone Wild 8543 plays Be the fastest barman in the South in this beer-flinging test of speed and skill.
  • Homer's Beer Run Homer's Beer Run 8141 plays Help Homer catch all the falling beers and bring it to his car, but be sure to avoid the flaming ones.
  • American Pie Beer Chugger American Pie Beer Chugger 7853 plays Don't leave your fraternity bros hanging! as a lowly pledge, you've got to prove you're Beta material by becoming the Pledge Bartender.
  • Beer Festival Beer Festival 6939 plays Try your skill in this beer serving task! Fill up the empty glass with beer to serve it to individuals.
  • Christmas Party Christmas Party 6640 plays How many drinks can Santa handle?
  • Beer Golf Beer Golf 6334 plays Mini golf and beer all all in the same place.
  • Frat Boy Beer Pong Frat Boy Beer Pong 6083 plays Try to beat the frat boy at his own game.
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  • George Wants Beer George Wants Beer 5749 plays George needs you! After a night of non-stop drinking, he desperately needs to come home fast. His faith lies in your hands.
  • More Beer More Beer 5699 plays Use pipes to connect the top of the kegs to the bar. The more you use, the more points you get each second. Once the keg is empty, the pipes will collapse. Watch the timer! Unless you keep the beer coming the game will end.
  • The Bar The Bar 5554 plays Working as bartender your job is to serve drink as quickly as possible
  • College Beer Pong College Beer Pong 5494 plays A drinking Game! Throw the ping-pong ball into the any of the cup found on the table.Select the type of angle and power range from the panel.When the angle and power is selected, click on the ball to toss it.If you fail to throw the ping-pong ball into the cup, you will have to take a gulp of beer.If the beer level exceeds the bar, you will lose the game. Complete each level successfully to unlock the young girl dress, one by one.
  • Tips and Tap Tips and Tap 4934 plays Work as bartender and serve the people the drinks they love.
  • Project DCK Drunk Klunk Project DCK Drunk Klunk 4913 plays Try to drink beer as much as possible without falling
  • Beer Dude 2 Beer Dude 2 4816 plays Collect as much beer as possible. But beware! Office men in suits are milling about and if they get their hands on you, they will take your life as well as your beer.

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